Q4 – Magazine Article

Q4. How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?


Planning summary

planning image

The image above shows all the posts that I had to complete for the planning section of my blog. Doing these posts has helped me prepare for the production of my music video.

The first subsection is ideas generation. This is where I start to finalise my ideas of where I want film, who I want to film and song choices. For my music video I chose to use the band Lost Near Blue Ape. They had recently started to release their own music, so I used their song Held It Together. This is an upbeat indie song which is exactly what I was wanting.

The next subsection is pre-production. This is where I plan out what shots I would use in my music video, as well as digipak and magazine advert sketches. Creating sketches is useful because when you come to making the digipak or advert you know exactly what you want to so, so the process should be quicker. In addition, creating an animatic gives the audience an understanding of what to expect from your video. The 20 plus shots help show variety within your music video.

The last subsection is logistics. This is where you plan what equipment and props you may use as well as what your schedule will be when shooting. Listing what equipment and props you have used when filming gives the audience an idea of what technology you have used to create your music video.